3 Reasons Your Company Deserves a Professionally Produced Video

Most companies would like to have a video or two on their website. How can you not want video on your website when you’re reading statistics like: 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

A video with testimonials showcasing satisfied customers, or a dynamic comprehensive company overview showing potential customers who you are could give your website the extra oomph you’re looking for.

But, there is no budget.

Barbara in marketing can put something together, right? Marketing has a camera and Power Point can do video, right? Yup, you can do that. Many companies have and do.

I would like to give you three compelling reasons to re think that strategy and choose to go pro.


Number 1: The quality of any video you put on your website directly reflects the quality of your company. Does your video say high quality, attention to detail, clearly focused? Or does it leave the viewer wondering if your company is as shabby and slapped together as your video?

Your idea may be stellar, but if you don’t have the expertise to shape and streamline that message you may confuse or even worse BORE a potential customer.


Number 2: That killer video will keep working for you. Especially if you plan on having your video professional shoot some beauty shots of your company location, signage, your charming and brilliant CEO, what ever you think might be useful down the line. Your video professional will help you plan ahead to get the most value from your video dollar.

You can use your new video on the convention floor, or send a link to potential clients, or include a piece of it in a marketing email. Maybe your video professional created a logo animation for you that you’re thrilled with. All future videos or presentations can include said logo animation. Sounds like Branding to me! That’s truly value for your dollar!


Number 3: The relationship you build with your video professional can be a long and valuable one.   Just a phone call away. You can ask a question, get a quote, get an opinion. My clients often call to ask: How much to have this meeting recorded? Can you make this old video look better? Can you send a crew over tomorrow to interview Dr. Muckety-Muck who is stopping by for an hour? Oh yes, it’s good to have someone to call. Someone you trust.

So, the next time you’re thinking about asking your “Barbara” in marketing to whip you up a little video, don’t. Barbara will appreciate it. Give a video professional a call and see how they can help you make your company shine like a star.


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