The Work

A collection of excerpts from a variety of programs. Corporate training to documentary style to fast paced marketing to lifestyle.

(Producing Editor, AD) As an introduction to a new safety “culture” this program “Changing the Way We Think About Safety” was created. A professional spokesperson guides the program and real municipal employees serve as role players.


(Producing Editor) Community Treatment Solutions, a non profit community organization, provides services to “children and adolescents in southern New Jersey who have been severely abused, neglected, rejected and traumatized by most of the adults in their young lives.” They needed a video to help educate and to serve as a fundraising tool.


(Writer, Producer, Director, Editor)  This is a brief look at a six DVD disk series for Dr. Therese Pasqualoni’s life changing program, “Strike it Healthy.”  A three day seminar was turned it into a series of programs designed to give the viewer nuggets of information that could be digested easily and used everyday.  This series included 3 exercise programs with 3 levels of difficulty,  Separate segments on portion size, shopping smart, chronic disease prevention,  and using the Strike it Healthy program.  These are guided by Dr. Pasqualoni and talented host, Pete Postiglione.


(Producing Editor)  This video was part of a larger campaign “Know What’s True About the Flu!” The Public Health Toolkit. It contained this video as well as print material to inform the public about the truths and myths regarding Influenza.  Two PSAs were also created for the campaign.


One of Two PSAs created for the Flu Preparedness campaign.


(Editor-Multi-Cam Production)  One in a series of “A Closer Look” videos created by VCSvideo for MSAA called “the Benefits of Exercise.”  It is a two part video with a discussion and then exercise demonstration with modifications to accommodate many levels of fitness.  Post-rehabilitation specialist and author of Exercises for Multiple Sclerosis Brad Hamler guides Jill (an MS patient) through a series of exercises.


The NJ Municipal Excess Liability Joint Insurance Fund (NJ MEL) has many videos and webinars it uses as training tools for NJ municipalities.  This is just one of many that focuses on Pedestrian Safety.  The “Walk the Walk” spokes person was shot on green screen and keyed over layers of stills to tell it’s important story.

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