Marla Russell, a video editor since 1993, is Sole Proprietor of See Worthy Productions. Her video and film experience include every job from grip to director. The driving force in the work is a passion for doing more than what’s expected with an acute attention to detail, and to be on the look out for the little something extra. That focus culminates in projects winning over 30 awards for clients like Mannington Mills, MSAA, Thomas Properties, Boston Scientific and many others.

See Worthy Productions mainly works with Corporations, Non Profits, and Governmental entities, creating a variety of marketing programs for the web and trade show floor, fund raising, training and employee orientation

A long love affair and career in theater coupled with a BA in Communications give Marla a unique ability to see many sides of a program: from the importance of connecting with a target market, how to craft helpful and compelling content  to understanding the power of performance to help make that connection.

Technical knowledge and expertise also play a significant role in reaching the intended goal of each project. Participation in the “Editors Retreat”, a yearly five- day hard-core immersion for professional editors, helps to ensure that the most significant trends and break through technology are part of Marla’s repertoire.